A Tribute to Multishow’s Papo Calcinha

9 09 2010

Yesterday, I was watching the most likeably naughty TV show: Papo Calcinha, at Multishow. Those girls are everything you want for your life. They were talking about touching themselves. And they do it very good. That Pietra and Luana: The men have to have balls to come together. They are not easy. You are going to face some trouble ‘till have them pleased.

I was inspired with last night show and went to do it myself today. Spankwire has the answer. Nothing much: sixteen minutes of three most beautiful European girls sharing the same hot tub and bed with the luckier guy. What a life that would be I wonder. In another Papo Calcinha, one of the girls actually said that she has share the bad with another two girls and a guy. What a lust!!

As I was saying, I don’t know, but with all that girls in mind, i say the video, watch some other fast one – three blondes sucking a guy -, went to take a hot shower… now I’m a more relaxed man. I definitely have to do it with my own life. Not even if a have to pay for it. It’s the price of not living in a porn movie. =)




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