Why it’s hard to get laid?

10 09 2010

It was publish in “Época”, a Brazilian magazine, a survey made with woman from 18 to 29 years old with access to internet, which means a certain social degree, that only 28% of them make casual sex. That’s why it’s getting harder and harder to meet a girl to get laid.

Rio is a city with unbelievably gorgeous girls and it’s imperative to have a good social relation in order to be at the right parties and met this 28% of what real matters in the world. It’s pretty reasonable to estimate the Rio female population between 18 and 29 years at 600 thousand. This leads us to conclusion that about 180.000 are open to casual sex.

It’s a high number. But we have to realize that a very good number of those girls are just not doable. Trust this blog. You can easily only consider 35%. Our number is now at 60.000. And there are way more than 600.000 men open to casual sex. It’s a war. That’s why it’s so good when you win. There is no better feeling than look that hot girl lay down on your bed. =)

So you have to work yourself!!! Read: you have to be able to send money. Like any bet to get laid you have to bet high to win high. Always think: why would someone fuck you?




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