Friday @Lapa – What to do?

13 09 2010

Been a new blog we have to start from the begging. At Rio, Lapa it’s a common sense. And Friday it’s the day where it gets hot. Walking by the street watch your neck ‘cause you’re going to see ones of the most delicious girls. Now a day it’s possible to hear at Lapa not only samba, but a good variety of styles. Although it’s in the Rio’s most significantly sound that you find the most desirable woman.

Hanging at the street it’s what locals call “pre-night”. What you do before the main event. ‘Till mid-night streets are full and it’s a good place to start a chat with some girl. After that time choose a place (nightclub) to be. Bars can be full but rarely do you get something of that.

I always say that Rio it’s the place of woman and Lapa it’s the place where tourist wants to visit. That’s way Lapa end it up been the most cosmopolitan place of female beauty. It’s easily recognizable who is foreign and who is not at the streets. The foreign ones significantly help increasing the beauty of the place. After that a legion of men takes out Lapa every weekend. At the bottom line, that’s the reason you have to quickly go to some nightclub to avoid the ugly competition. Single men are everywhere. Run of them.




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